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In the operating room in a free form surgery or if another patient «see» or  «surrender» !!!!




Last Minute-Surgery                                        Aesthetic Surgery Last Minute
The Aesthetic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine is increasingly present in our daily lives. Over the last fifteen years, has had an incredible development, thanks also to the reduction of tariffs and the development of a culture of physical and mental. Each year many men and women making use of the Aesthetic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine. An increase in volume of the breast, a straight nose, a flat belly, a more open eyes, fleshy lips and more defined, etc.. ... More and more are wanted to have a look and a "tailor-made beauty." Our organization, thanks to previous experience with other company departments of Aesthetic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine and Cosmetic Surgery provides visitors and prospective patients information about the Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine and the protocol developed by our staff and Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon , for each intervention. Born from an idea to a group of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon, at a time of market crisis when the Italians began to cut holidays, entertainment and unnecessary expenditure, Last-Minute Surgery was able to optimize, through agreements with leading clinics for Surgical clinics and cutting-edge surgical times and consequently the rates of assistance by engaging the operating rooms for entire sessions (days). Often the cost for a rhinoplasty or liposuction at a center of Milan, Rome, Bologna and Florence can be prohibitive to the majority of patients, today (no walk on paths leading to alternative non-European countries where you want to remoteness, whether in the linguistic problems that the management of post-operative was forced to give up without the possibility of having an alternative to competitive price) you can access our program to achieve its intervention or impossible to fix first. Thank to organization of work and recruitment of early patients was able to lower the prices of the market from 25% to 40% compared to average tariffs in Italy but without sacrificing quality of services. While our staff and Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, has " ears and eyes wide open to capture your desires and your expectations real, and to identify the exact points of your body that need work to realize your desire for wellness and beauty, instead Our Organization is committed to offer quality and service at the least cost.






Today, the physical appearance has an important value in social and professional relationships, as demonstrated by a study by two British economists called the "beauty product" that you can calculate the value. In this our "Philosophy of Work" is to give patients a high quality product and reliable service at competitive prices on the market (Business Class at Low-Cost). As we have been able to achieve this goal? Simple! a occupare un modulo/tempo chirurgico lasciato libero, o sostituire nella seduta operatoria eventuali pazienti rinunciatari . Was enough times to optimize the surgical thanks to the surgeons, utilizing the operating rooms with a number of patients that eliminates unnecessary time, book early surgical interventions, and essential condition ( proposta Last Minute-Surgery proposed) is that the patient becomes available « to fill a form/surgical time left, or replaced in any surgical patient sitting defeatist » The Aesthetic Surgery is not only targeted to the search for beauty, but to combine the physical with the psychological aspect, thanks to the harmony between body and spirit that our staff is trying to get into a treatment of well-being. A choice which is our quality and service, and thanks to our competitiveness also offers choices for the Prices, without renouncing to a careful selection of collaborators and advisors Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons of proven experience. All our surgeons are registered with the medical boards of the country where they carry out their professional activities free (Italy) and covered by insurance, a medical practice and a scientific constant complement the specific expertise of trained professionals through training and the university ' experience and clinical practice conducted abroad. To respect the professional code of ethics are not supplied the names of Physicians and Surgeons that our consultants will be presented at time of advice to every patient and it will accompany in their surgical procedure




Our suggestion is the « Last Minute-Surgery » ! As for "Last Minute Travel" you are entered in a list of 'waiting for the desired action, hoping to replace at the last minute a patient already programmed and has terminated an appointment with a surgeon. The benefit to the patient, are the rates from 25 % to 40% lower than for the organization, it's time to eliminate the operating room empty. What are the wait times for cosmetic surgery? After programming within three weeks of the reservation you can program the intervention and if you hurry to improve their appearance, if you do not want to hall for too long, or if another patient "see" or "surrender" all 'already planned intervention can be summoned in a clinic in a few days, relying on the professionalism of the surgeons and high standards operators. Comparing the experience to travel by air, not in the charter but with scheduled flight in Business Class but a competitive cost or Low-Cost. Our formula "Last-Minute Surgery" allows clients / patients receive the same professionalism of the traditional procedure without sacrificing quality of service.


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Achieve through the Aesthetic Surgery, the dream of many patients is our future goal.


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